I’m Clément Prod'homme, a Senior front end engineer working at Vizzuality. I build interactive web applications mainly focused on data visualisations and maps.

Through experience, I've learnt that quality code revolves around maintainability, which can be achieved by breaking down problems, and writing legible and minimal solutions.

I’m a fast learner and I'm always eager to increase my knowledge. It keeps me motivated.

If you feel like getting to know me, write me an email at contact@clementprodhomme.fr.

Recent projects

Wildlife Insights

AI powered platform to monitor and analyse wildlife populations based on camera traps

Widget Editor

Component allowing users to create custom visualisations and maps using Resource Watch’s API

Mozilla's Internet Health Report

Interactive visualisations with dynamically computed layouts and support for several languages


Author of this chart inference library that powers the recommendations of the Resource Watch API, among others



since Feb 2015

Senior front end engineer

Assuming a lead role on medium to large size projects, with a focus on quality

Involution Studios

3 months (from Jun 2014)

Front end intern

Built a dynamic visualisation for Invo's blog and a prototype to compare Massachusetts' hospitals